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We’re honored to be the first guest blogger at Fifth Gear Consulting, explaining the scope of SBDC services, how we collaborate with other resources for entrepreneurs and how we help build the Texas economy, one business at a time.  Click here to read the full article.

About Peg Richmond

Senior Business Advisor, Peg Richmond has more than 20 years leading strategic, marketing and business development efforts in the technology, manufacturing and energy sectors. Richmond holds an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University as well as a MA in Advertising and a BFA from the University of Texas.


  1. vincent mcelhaney says:

    I am starting a business in Cedar Park. Building from ground up. The latest codes may require the business owner to intstall a public hydrant. Are there community development funds available to help start up business comply to these infrastructure costs.? As a new business developing an underdeveloped site it seems reasonable that I not be burdened with providing future or current fire protection for all.

    May anyone reading this offer advice?

    • Francisca Arana says:

      Hello Vincent, I spoke with our SBDC Director Joe Harper and here is his response: The short answer is no. The cost of installation to the city to provide this infrastructure on undeveloped land would be prohibitive for a start
      up company. That said, infrastructure funds exist in some communities to develop the required systems in industrial parks that may be green fields. But this would be to meet the growth demands of a targeted industry or business and provide developed parcels for other qualified businesses. The fact that you are a single entity with no proven track record means it is highly unlikely that any funds other than your own can be committed to the cause.
      If you have any other questions, please contact our office- 512-610-0996. Thanks, Francisca Arana

  2. Peg and SBDC team,

    Would a representative at SBDC be interested in writing a guest blog post for Hiscox’s small business blog too? Our blog was created as a “go to” resource for small businesses and we post information and advice about launching, running, protecting, and making small businesses a success. Based on your experience and expertise, we feel that any content you provide would be a great asset to our readers. Please let me know your interest level and thoughts.



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