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Texas Strong, Small Business Proud

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About Francisca Arana

Ms. Arana is a Certified Executive Assistant/Research Analyst to the Director of the Texas State University Small Business Development Center with the responsibilities of scheduling, researching, and assisting the Training Coordinator and Assistant Director.


  1. Tom Maringer says:

    I recently got a Texas State sales tax permit. Unfortunately I failed to uncheck the box saying that I’d like updates on this and that. As a result, I receive robocalls from a “Keefe Austin” at the Texas State Business Development center SEVERAL TIMES A DAY. They come from numerous different phone numbers ranging from DC to California, so I can’t block the numbers. I c`ancel the calls but cannot seem to get them to stop. It is EXTREMELY IRRITATING! At this point I would NEVER under any circumstances have ANYTHING to do with this organization, not matter what! PLEASE STOP CALLING!

    • Francisca Arana says:

      Hello Tom, first of all I am extremely sorry that you are receiving these calls. I would like to let you know that we are not the ones calling you due to the fact that we have all of our clients sign a confidentiality agreement when they first meet with our advisors. Our advisors are also bound by a contract to not release any information about any of the clients we work with unless they receive confirmation from the client for approval. We are trying our hardest to find the culprit and put an end to this. You, unfortunately are not the only person we have gotten this complaint from with someone using our name to sell you items. Please call our office if there is anything else we can help you with. Again, we are truly sorry and are working on this issue.

      • Francisca Arana says:

        Update: Tom, I called the tax office and once someone applies for a sales tax permit, your information becomes public information and anyone can view it. They said the calls should stop after a week but if you would like to complain, please call the Attorney General’s office, We will be contacting them about people soliciting using our name. Hope this helps!

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