The Stuff of Courage

The Stuff of Courage










I was speaking to a would-be-entrepreneur recently discussing what it takes to actually pull the trigger on a new idea, project or business.  She shared with me a TED Talk that touched very nicely on that topic and I, in turn, want to share it and one other by the same speaker with you.  Brené Brown is a sociologist at the University of Houston, and would be stand-up comedienne, who researches, and I quote, “messy topics.”  These TED Talks touch on the mess that is the heart of innovation, creativity and change.  I hope you find them as compelling and inspirational as I did.

Click here to view Brené Brown, The Power of Vulnerability, filmed June 2010

Click here to view Brené Brown, Listening to Shame, filmed March 2012

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Senior Business Advisor, Peg Richmond has more than 20 years leading strategic, marketing and business development efforts in the technology, manufacturing and energy sectors. Richmond holds an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University as well as a MA in Advertising and a BFA from the University of Texas.


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